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We provide end-to-end services that range from consulting to execution, including taking charge of maintenance management operations.

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  RCM Methodology (Reliability Centred Maintenance)
RCM methodology is recognized as the most efficient technique to identify the best
maintenance strategy. This methodology is extensively used in the aeronautic and nuclear
industries. Moreover, it is increasingly used in the industrial and manufacturing industries to
identify those maintenance tasks required to ensure the reliability of systems and/or
equipment in their respective operating contexts. The methodology developed by STI
Maintenance takes advantage of efficient tools and techniques that allow analysis of failure
modes, that assess and quantify failure consequences, that identify the maintenance tasks
worth doing and that set optimal task intervals.

This methodology can be applied either to establish the maintenance program and to identify
the improvements required for the maintainability and the reliability of a new facility or to
optimize the maintenance program of an existing facility. More than simply confirming how
maintenance contributes to the profitability of the enterprise, this methodology helps to
remove the maintenance activities with no added value and to ensure the right things are
done at the right moment.

Target clientele

This training is intended for engineers and technicians who want to apply a recognized
methodology in order to build maintenance programs that take into account corporate
business objectives (safety, environmental, operational and cost).

Training duration: 3 days


  • Learn the fundamentals of Reliability and RCM
  • Apply the different steps required for preparing an RCM exercise
  • Perform an RCM analysis using specialized software

Training content

  • Fundamentals

    • Introduction to RCM/FMECA
    • Probability distributions
    • Maintenance policies

  • Preparation of an RCM exercise

    • Business case development and specific objectives
    • Gathering information
    • Hierarchy: Locations, Functions, Performance criteria
    • RCM team

  • Performing an RCM exercise

    • Detailed analysis structure
    • Failure modes
    • Maintenance policy choice
    • Optimization

  • Results of an RCM exercise

    • Different deliverables
    • Scenario comparison
    • Profits
    • Implementation

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