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We provide end-to-end services that range from consulting to execution, including taking charge of maintenance management operations.

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* Tribology : Science of friction, wear and lubrification.
* Tribology : Science of friction, wear and lubrification.

  Industrial lubrication
Industrial tribology* experts, our products and services are designed to increase equipment reliability by improving their lubrication conditions.

  • Analytical services:

    • Sampling
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Diagnoses and recommendations

  • Auditing and consulting

    • Evaluate the condition of equipment and lubricants
    • Review lubrication requirements (oils and greases)
    • Lubrification optimisation for maximum availability of production equipments
    • Control contamination
    • Handle and identify lubricants
    • Select, verify and consolidate lubricants

  • Industrial tribology training

    • Training in industrial lubrication
    • Training in contamination control
    • Training in understanding lubricant analysis reports

  • On-site technicians
  • Specialized services

    • Decontamination
    • Power flushing
    • Tank cleaning
    • Water separation
    • Prefiltration of new lubricants

  • Design of technical solutions relative to industrial lubrication
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